JANUARY 2019: It's time to go ALL IN ...

What if I told you that you can align and transform your own life and career in six months?  Time after time, my clients have done just that.

Are you ready to go all in?

YES! Tell me MoreNah, I'm not going

Destiny . serendipity . definitely not coincidence.


You are meant to be here

You have found this page because you are that leader – that go to person – that visionary – that super resourceful resource – that friend that always offers wise counsel – that “rock” of the family – that “strong friend” – that goal getter.


You are already doing well in life and probably love, but you are wanting more.

You know you are called to more.


You find yourself wondering deeply about your purpose, about the purpose of others around you, about leaving a legacy, about standing in your power, and about feeling destined for more.



You want to feel ALIGNED.

You want to MANIFEST MORE and be a GREATER BLESSING to those that know you.






You regularly support others in their dreams, offering great insight and wisdom, but need that kind of support for yourself.




You are here because you are ready to invest the TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY now because you don’t want to let another year slip by wondering about WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN.

You want to step into your BEST LIFE.

Guess what?

I’m here for you.


My clients will tell you that I am skilled at helping leaders, just like you, tap into their brilliance, position themselves for opportunity, and create their best lives. 

In our 6 months together, you will laugh, grow, reflect, stretch, and launch into the life you are destined for. 

The Doors for 1:1 Coaching open once per year

This is your year!

Just imagine what your life, your business, your relationships can look and feel like just 12 months from now.

Every fall I open the doors for a small cohort of 1:1 clients in my 6 month customized program. Many of those clients continue coaching after the 6 months because of the growth and wins they experience.

This is your invitation to invest in your best year yet.

2019 can be more than you’ve ever imagined.

Here are the details …

How Long?

6 Months of Powerful Coaching

After working with clients for 3 months, 5 months, and even longer, I found that 6 months was the magic number for sustainable growth and transformation for my 1:1 clients. During these six months, you will experience insightful ah ha’s, major shifts, and take big action steps in the direction of your dreams.

How Often?

2 Coaching Meetings/ month

In addition your private coaching portal with resources and such, we meet twice each month for coaching. First we meet for your monthly Power Session and then mid-month for your Laser Session. Then, in between sessions you receive coaching emails and check in.

What’s my part?

Reflect . Address . Action

You commit to showing up and doing the work. There will be homework, reflections, and regular actions all customized for your specific goals. The process is both powerful and rewarding. Show up. Trust it and thrive.

How much support?

You’re the guru

During this process you will find that most of the answers, the insights, and the awareness are actually found within you. I help you pull it out. I help you tap into your highest self. I am here to support your greatness.

How Much?

Time . Energy . Money

You can plan invest about 1-2 hours each week for homework and reflections. Our meetings last approximately  60 – 75 minutes. Your financial investment is $5750 which includes the initial $1000 deposit. After the deposit it made, the remainder can be paid in  monthly payments or 1-2 payments.

What to expect?

Clarity . Alignment . Growth

Over the years, clients have experienced massive clarity, empowering alignment, and rapid growth. Imagine gaining more clarity about your purpose. You will discover the flow of opportunities and abundance that comes with your alignment. Finally, you will be amazed by the growth you experience and maintain.

When does it start?


January is the month for all things transition and preparation. During the fall, we plant intentional seeds that will prepare you and launch you into your best year yet. Coaching begins the first week of January 2019 and lasts through the end of June 2019.

Is it online or in person?

Online or Chattanooga, TN

I’ve worked with clients all over the US – from Lincoln City OR to Seattle, WA to Oklahoma City, OK. Most of my clients prefer online meetings for the convenience, but I also offer meetings in my downtown Chattanooga office for locals.


What People are Saying


Multiple friends posting on Facebook about how awesome she was! I thought our sessions were very informative and very helpful! And fun too!
If you are thinking of working with Carmen, I would say ‘Go for it!'”

Ally Cathey

“I felt peace, inspired, and excited!”

mazed, relieved and excited at how she used what we discussed in only 1 session to help me gain clarity on my purpose. My life made so much sense. We discussed things I always knew but just wasn’t able to make sense of.”

Dr. Hearn

“Empowering accountability”

“Although we have been friends for years, I can always depend on Carmen to help me shift my perspective, step into my best self, and to hold me accountable for thriving in my work and my relationships. I invest in coaching not only for my personal growth, but also because she’s authentic and  lives out her message.”

Dr. Humphrey-Johnson

“Inspiration Rockstar”

“I never would’ve made this leap without the confidence I’ve taken from just the little time we’ve gotten to spend together! You are an inspiration rockstar, and just being around you gets my creative juices flowing!”

Olivia Kristen

How it works …

Coaching is simple, but growth takes work. Doing this, you agree to show up, do the work, maximize your next 6 months, and trusting the process.

Here’s how it works:

1) We hop on a coaching call to discuss your goals, my strategies, and to see if they align with each other. (Click below to schedule.)

2) You commit to going all in and make your deposit to secure your spot.

3) You get access to your private client portal, you complete your intake inventory, we schedule our first session, we begin with our first intensive session, and the greatness flows from there.

I can’t wait to chat with you.