Get massive clarity.
Launch your business.
Discover ease and flow.
Release the struggle.
Create and attract incredible opportunities.
Break through upper limits.
Position your passion for profits.
Increase your brand visibility.

Have you ever found yourself feeling like, “There must be more”?
Although I had a thriving career in education as a teacher, coach, and consultant, I had that same feeling. Having lost my aunt to the 9/11 attacks at the Pentagon and then my mom just 7 months later to cancer (both of them were younger than 45 and in the prime of their careers), I began feeling compelled to create a life that aligned with my passions and to live life incredibly everyday.

After honing my coaching and business skills, I began teaching others how to launch into their passions and create businesses and lives they love. Through the use of key strategies and mindset shifts that I teach my clients, they too have been able to create lives and businesses of flow, abundance, love, and many travels.

As a coach, with over 10 years coaching experience, I help leaders and entrepreneurs make shifts and position themselves for growth and profits through power coaching, branding, and intentional networking. My growth hacking strategies supports individuals’ and small businesses’ needs for expansion and visibility.
Who would have known that the former elementary school teacher would be a thriving life and business coach for leaders and business owners across the country?
I’m here to help you do the same in your life and business.


You can embrace your days with joy.

You can shift your life and create your #lifeincredibly!


* Over 10 years of experience successfully coaching individuals, couples, companies, and educational organizations.

* Master’s Degree in Instructional Leadership

* Trained Life Coach from the AACC

* I lead by example – in my finances, relationships, business, and all ways. My coaching not only comes from training and pedagogy, but also from tried and true experience in my own life as well as my clients.

I am passionate about helping my clients create a life THEY LOVE and to ALIGN with all the goodness in store for them.

* My husband Antoine works with me in coaching when we work with couples. He has his degree in Psychology and has over 10 years of experience coaching and supporting soldiers in the military.

Brag book:

I bought my first home at 22 while a young and single teacher. Attracted and married the love of my life almost 13 years ago and have been married for 12 years.   I’m a proud military wife and my husband has served over 19 years.  We are passionate about giving back and making a difference in our community.  We’ve regularly given away vacations and cars to our favorite nonprofit organizations and to people in need. We’ve created a life where we have lots of time to travel and visit with family while also averaging 4- 7  vacations each year (one year we took 9 vacations!)  We focus on living out our message everyday and impacting the world in a great way.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
– Paulo Coelho,
The Alchemist

The purpose within you is so great. Your message must be heard, your dream must thrive, and your passion must be realized.

The world is waiting for your greatnesses and I am here to help you thrive in your life and business.


let’s play …

Can you guess which are true?


I’m a Lord of the Rings junkie and one of the things on my bucket list is to go to Hobbittown in New Zealand. I literally can watch LOTR every month from the Hobbit to the final send off. I still cry when Frodo sails off with the elves.


I started my career as a fourth grade teacher and later went on to be an instructional coach for the school district before landing a fun job at the University providing academic, relational, life, and financial coaching.


While hiking the beautiful Hadrian’s wall one summer in Scotland, I knew that the day would be crazy when we stumbled upon a helicopter crash (it had just happened). Instead of turning  back, we continued through a storm and at one point, I was struck by lightning.
ps. All three were true. Yes, I was struck by lightning, but fortunately it was a residual buzz to my umbrella while in the field along Hadrian’s wall and I was ok after throwing my umbrella yards away from me when that buzz ran through my arm. #grace
The greatest investment you can make is the investment in your own health and wellbeing. Coaching is one of those investments that opens the doors to new possibilities.

we are better when we work together.

let’s stay connected!