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April moore . 2018 client of the year

April enrolled in Launch and Life Incredibly coaching in Spring 2016. Since then, she has grown her business and her revenue, shifted her life, empowered her two children, found her flow, met her guy and got engaged, and has thrived in both her professional and personal life. April has referred numerous friends, some who have enrolled for coaching too.
As Client of the Year, April wins a 4 night stay in a luxury deluxe condo at the World Golf Village in St. Augustine, FL.



“My life has completely CHANGED since working with Carmen and I think  I’ll have a life coach forever. I don’t know how I was managing before! My business has grown tremendously financially and personally. I’m making at least $2000 more per month and on a personal level I am able to CONTROL the TYPE of atmosphere I  invite and/or allow in my salon.My favorite part about working with Carmen was her ability to tell me to truth and really make me think about ME.

April Moore, Owner and Stylist at SWANK Salon, Chattanooga, TN.,

Life, Love (Premarital), & Launch Incredibly Client

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Stephanie Pruitt Gaines, Poet and Founder of No Starving Artist, Nashville, TN., Launch Incredibly Client
“One of my close friends is a chef who goes home most nights and eats peanut butter and jelly. I get it. As a coach myself I move my clients towards HUGE results, but then my own work often gets nearly done and I’m too worn to do the same for myself.

That’s where Carmen Carson comes in for me.

She is a coach’s coach! She understands the big and little picture and all the potential pitfalls of overwhelm that can trip you up. After just a few sessions of working with her I had the confidence and clarity to get all those ideas out of my head and into action. She made a space for me to thrive. She was so thorough and thoughtful that I gained a new understanding of what it means to truly coach someone to greatness. I love her energy.

Carmen is an idea person who comes up with some of the most impactful and magically implementable strategies. By the end of our first big four day coaching intensive, I had completed three major business elements that would have otherwise taken me almost a year to complete. The process gave me a roadmap to replicate for myself with ease. I also had a detailed plan for next steps that would save me thousands of dollars and literally months of stress.

After working with Carmen, I am immediately raising all of my prices and will be bringing in at least a high five figures more than last year. Working with Carmen is an investment I would make over and over again. Only work with Carmen if you are ready to be lovingly pushed into your highest greatness!”

“I highly recommend couples work with Antoine and Carson for premarital counseling. They cover all the major topics with grace and without judgment. They are very professional and serve with excellence! Listening to their personal stories of how they worked through things and about how it is a constant process was so helpful. I was not looking for some “fluff” counseling that left out the reality of marriage and I am grateful for connecting with them to walk us through preparation.” 

      – Melissa Graham, Love Incredibly (premarital) Client 

“The Carson’s were wonderful to work with and created a very open and relaxing environment during every session. They allowed for open dialogue, while giving context to problems that married couples may encounter with their own personal stories. When needed, sessions were divided into a one on one conversation to allow different perspectives without the judgement of your significant other. All in all it was a great experience and I am glad that we went to the Carson’s for out premarital coaching.”

  – Keunta Graham, Love Incredibly (premarital) Client 

The weekly sessions and reflections were life-changing, reaffirming & empowering. They helped me focus more on perspective and trusting myself. I didn’t expect that so many changes would take place in such a short time! During this process I gained more confidence in realizing and standing in my personal and professional strengths. My favorite part about working with Carmen was gaining a dear friend through my journey of self-discovery and empowerment.”

Laura Hessler, BCBS, Chattanooga, TN., Life & Lead Incredibly Client

“Carmen exceeded my expectations. The level of care, branding, and life coaching I received during our time together was amazing. I never felt judged nor did I feel I was just another invoice paid. Whenever I wanted to retreat, Carmen’s instinct to coach me through the unknown was worth the investment. To this day, I can contact Carmen and she provides guidance that is unmatched by many other professional I’ve encountered thus far in by business.”

LaToya Rose, CEO at LR International, LLC. Launch Incredibly Coaching ClientLR International, LLC. 

Latasha Rogan, TN Valley Authority, First Lady at  Transforming Faith Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN., Life & Lead Incredibly Client
“My Mindset -my total way of thinking of about where I am in life, my challenges, my relationships, my career, my money has all shifted for the better.

I initially though that it would take a lot longer to see progress. Also, I didn’t understand her method of getting to the root of my issues in order for me to move forward and get into proper alignment. By her asking certain questions, this made me really think about where I was and where I ‘thought’ I should be.

Then she helped to lay out a plan to help me get redirected into where I am supposed to be, which is not necessarily a particular place but rather a different mindset. In just 6 months, I have a new house and a promotion on my job!!! My relationships with husband and kids are better.

I know that stepping into an elevated mindset helped me to believe that I could have a new and bigger house and a better job position (that I thought would take me years to achieve).  I learned that I was worthy of these things happening to me too. I used to just celebrate success for others and push myself to the back burner, but I learned that it’s okay to root for me!!!”

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“If you are struggling and going in circles Carmen can help you get on a straight path—MONEY WELL SPENT. Since I started working with Carmen, I’ve added 7 clients and approx. $1400/month in revenue. I feel the sky is the limit with what I can accomplish”

Dick Phillips, Owner at Welcomemat Services of Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TN., Launch Incredibly Client

“Just think about what your results will be. Imagine your life seven months from now, if you go all in, staying open to major shifts, showing up for yourself, and trust the process. What will your testimony be?”

Your Name, Your biz/company.,  Lead, Life, Love, & Launch Incredibly Client

“Hiring Carmen as a life coach has changed my life in immeasurable ways! Carmen’s “Tell-it-like-it-is” personality and beyond her as wisdom and joy have transformed my life both personally and professionally! The biggest and best thing that I’ve learned from my time with Carmen (in more ways than one) is that “What happens to you, happens for you!” I am beyond blessed that Carmen happened to me!” 

Danielle Monique, Owner at Studio 2053 Floral and Event Design, San Diego, CA., Life Incredibly Client

I definitely recommend the Life Inc. workshops. I was blessed to attend a workshop that changed my life. You will enjoy the food, atmosphere, and the fellowship. The great part about it is that you will feel God’s presence there from the start to finish. Elicia Phillips


“I felt that the weekly sessions were great. It really helped me focus on goals and gave me the drive and game plan to complete said goals. Now I am exceeding what I previously thought were impossibilities.The thing I wasn’t expecting from this work is becoming an achiever of what I thought wasn’t possible for me. My life seems to be going overall on the right track now.  My encouragement for Carmen is to continue to change the world just like you did for me.”

Michael Tabb, Life and Love (premarital) Incredibly Client

I have participated in Life Inc. coaching, personal retreats, and workshops. This is one of the best investment that I could make in myself. I would absolutely recommend Life Inc. services to anyone wondering about their purpose or just needing sage advice. Life Inc. offers a welcomed pause – one that encourages you to stop, access what you are doing, where you are heading, and what you can do to live life intentionally in a way that realizes your purpose and dreams. Callie Smith


I would absolutely recommend Carmen to anyone! I was so impressed with her words of wisdom. She had so much energy. Her joy for life was magnetic and contagious. The worries and frustrations of life seemed to disintegrate as she restored my passion for the Lord and the life he has given me.Time spent with her was invaluable to me. It has been a few months since our last meeting, and the rejuvenation in my soul from time with her has not faded a bit.” Alyssa Land

Vocal Coach & Worship Leader

“I would definitely recommend premarital coaching with Carmen & Carson to someone. It’s nice to be able to be coached by a couple who is in a happy marriage and get their advice/perspectives on things.”

Jessica Aaron, Love Incredibly (premarital) Client 

“Consider the investment, you are paying a lot for everything that is going into your marriage. But, you need to make sure as best you can that if you invest so much, you two are compatible and will last. There are many times where peopld get wrapped up in love without thinking about everything that goes into a loving marriage that lasts, especially in this microwave culture, so go to premarital counseling. It’s fun, conversational, but above all it’s extremely important to laying a good foundation.”

Michael Tabb, Love Incredibly (premarital) Client 

t was going to be a lot of work, but I knew it will be worth it. Carmen was there and continues to be by my side cheering me on to do greater things.  She helped me launch my business and since then, it  has tripled in regular bookings.That wouldn’t have occurred without Carmen. Hiring her to coach my daughter (during her senior year of high school) and then later as my own coach was the best decision I’ve made thus far in terms of taking the steps towards getting life clarity and growing my business.  She was the best investment for my company.”



Michelle Clayton, BCBS and Owner at Chelle & Co Events., Life & Launch Incredibly Client