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From pre-marital coaching to officiating weddings to business coaching, life coaching, financial coaching, executive coaching, and even graduation coaching (at the university), I’ve worn many coaching hats in my career of  helping others achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves.

My husband Antoine, who also facilitates relationship coaching with me, also has extensive experience coaching and leading others through his US Army career and in his role at the University of TN at Chattanooga. 

Whether you want to grow your business or improve your overall life, we are here to share key strategies for making everyday incredible.

Transformational Coaching Programs for YOU


MANIFEST Your Best Year Yet


What’s better than a vision board?

Going beyond the vision board process to create lasting transformation and a life you love. After 7 week-long vacations this year, giving away vacations to families for the past few years, helping numerous clients create lives and relationships they love, and having done all of this repeatedly over the past 5 years of being in business, I am sharing my secrets for Manifesting Your Best Year Yet (MYBYY). The program starts February 1, after all the new year craze, but you can start for free on January 15th with the 7 days of Clarity Jumpstart. 

Sign up for the free 7 days of Clarity and get all the details about enrollment.



Imagine a sacred space where you connect with other leaders, dig deep each month and feel empowered as you level up, play big, grow in confidence, and create your #lifeincredibly. 

In this community, we explore self love, intuition, confidence, mindset, abundance attraction, relationships, and all things concerning living your best life. 

The doors to the community open in March 2019. Don’t miss your opportunity to get in and transform your life. 



Are you a leader, game changer, business executive or an entrepreneur wanting to level up in areas of your life and profession, so you can create more revenue while live in more flow?

After coaching leaders from across the globe in leveling up their professional lives and creating a more fulfilling personal life, I have found that the over the course of 6 months, your life and work can completely transform. 

I open the doors for this 6 months of private 1:1 coaching (executive or life coaching) just twice a year for a handful of clients. This signature program has worked for doctors, entrepreneurs, teachers, business execs and so many others leaders across the globe. If you are ready to lead incredibly and to feel more aligned, click below to learn more about this opportunity. 

April Moore

April Moore

Owner & Stylist, SWANK SALON

My business has grown tremendously financially and personally. I’m making at least $2000 more per month and on a personal level I am able to CONTROL the TYPE of atmosphere I invite and/or allow in my salon.

 – Life Incredibly & LTP  Coaching

Dr. Vernisha Hearn

Dr. Vernisha Hearn

Family Practitioner, Memphis, TN

During my first meeting with Carmen, I felt amazed, relieved and excited at how she used what we discussed in only 1 session to help me gain clarity on my purpose. My life made so much sense. We discussed things I always knew but just wasn’t able to make sense of.

I felt so much peace that things were just as they were supposed to be. I felt inspired to be me. I felt excited about the journey of getting to know myself and gaining a more detailed perspective on who God created me to be and why.

 – Life Incredibly Coaching

Interested in having Carmen speak or consult at your event?

Carmen regularly speaks at conferences, conducts trainings for business and educational organizations, and provides Strategic Efficiency Consulting to help organization review, refine, and improve their processes, performance, and outcomes. If you are interested in discussing your organization’s needs and how her team can bring support, please click below to schedule a consultation.